Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Say No To The Summer Slide

What?!? It's June?? How did that happen? Time flies when you're teaching and learning a new language. Here at FrontierESL, we have been acquiring academic English by leaps and bounds--and we could even prove it by bragging about our just-released ACCESS scores. But we won't do that here, as it's 1) a violation of student confidentiality and 2) not polite to boast.

Still, we've learned a great deal this year, and as we begin to head into sweet summertime, we are making plans on how to prevent the inevitable summer slide - that yearly regression of academic language and skills that plagues many, if not most students. Research shows that students can lose up to 2 months' worth of what they have learned in class over the summer. In addition, 2/3 of the achievement gap between lower and higher income students may be due to summer learning loss.

HAVE NO FEAR! FrontierESL has a plan! Part of this plan includes a cool summer hybrid learning program that involves a little at-school programming, a little tutoring, and a little virtual-classroom instruction - plus the added incentive of a trip to Six Flags!!! Sign me up!!

One key part of our virtual classroom instruction will include participation in Duolingo's #DuoNotErase program, in which students continue to study English over the summer using the incredible language learning program known as...Duolingo. We've even submitted an entry into their summer #DuoNot Erase program, and if we get enough votes, we could win a cool Mac Book for our classroom. So, if you're reading this post, won't you please help our cause by voting for us? Click here:

Thanks! And hopefully you're making plans for avoiding your own #summerslide. The figurative one, that is. As for the real one, well...perhaps we'll see you at the water park!

Happy Summer!

Mrs. Blair
Frontier ESL Teacher

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