Friday, June 5, 2015

New Resources For Students, Families And Teachers

I've recently created three new sections of Frontier ESL for ESL students & their families, ESL teachers, and mainstream teachers of EL's. I've included websites, articles and other tools culled from a wide variety of sources. On the right hand side of this screen, beginner and intermediate EL's (and their family members) will find the links in the "Best Sites" section to be "click and go"; that is, they are usable and self-explanatory just by clicking on the link in the list. The section for ESL teachers features sites and links that I have used and found to aid in my instruction and/or assessment. Lastly, I've created a section devoted to mainstream teachers who have EL's of all levels in their classrooms and who are looking for ways to support and maximize the success of their students. This section includes articles and resources that many teachers have already reported to be "extremely useful" in their teaching practice.

Like the blog itself, these sections are very much "alive" and are works in progress. I am always combing the web, reading blogs and participating in PLC's in an effort to identify resources to support students, parents, families and teachers of English Learners. As always, I am open to suggestions for resources to include on this blog. Please feel free to comment below with your ideas.

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